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About Us is operated by our business 'Exclusive Brands'. is a specialist online retailer of high quality and well-priced pet products sourced from around the world. As pets owners we know that pets need items that give them comfortable and safe, we also value products that can easily handle and maintain good hygiene.

Here is our story - we have two beautiful dogs, a Jack Russell Terrier, and a Whippet and we love to take them everywhere. The problem is though, they make such a mess in the car! There used to be dog hair and dirt everywhere and they wouldn't stop jumping around in our car, but it wasn't their fault they were just as excited to go as we are! 

We've tried seat protectors and leashes before, but never felt like it was enough for all the trouble of cleaning up dog hair! But thankfully there are now car mats that cover your entire floorboard in addition to protecting from any accidents happening back there - we're so excited about these this easy-to-clean custom fit liners because this keeps both pets and owners happy on road trips!

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